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Our purpose in one minute

Building a Path to a Better Global Future

An inclusive ethical and moral business that engages the consumer directly in achieving and amplifying the company’s mission

The Global Problem:
Climate Change

  • COVID-19 is just a rehearsal for the climate change emergency.
  • COP 26 in Glasgow – Nov 2021 – The time is now.
  • Net Zero targets do not address peak CO2.
  • We must extract and sequester CO2 from the atmosphere.

Net zero targets are great but they do not address all the CO2 that has, and continues to be, released into the environment.

The Vision – By 2032

Rather than discovering the potential for hemp cultivation – we are rediscovering the wonder of the plant. And specifically its ability to sequester CO2 in large quantities.

  • 8 million hectares of hemp being cultivated.
  • 0.528 Gigatons of CO2 sequestered per annum.
  • 1.6x Total UK population annual carbon footprint.
  • 80,000 SmartBoxes™ operating.
  • $40 billion annual revenues at forecast $75/tonne of Carbon Pricing.

The SmartBox™ has been specifically designed to provide a processing system for the hemp crop and numerous additional benefits to the local farmers and the local community.

Global Solutions with Roots in Africa

Roots in Africa

Building foundations in the fertile soil of Zambia – IOBIA Integrated Organic Bio-Intensive Agriculture

  • New farming methods IOBIA: Cash crops + by product enterprises.
  • Hi-Tech processing – SmartBox™: Specialised systems empower communities.
  • Activating economic: potential Igniting local and national potential.
  • Building for the long term with farmers: Ongoing development, training and education.


AfCFTA logo
  • 1.9 Billion expected population by 2050.*
  • Is the fastest growing consumer market in the World.*
  • 200m Hts of underutilised land – 50% of World total.*
  • SmartBox agricultural innovation perfect for the environment.*
  • Impact for people immediate, significant and lasting.*

* New Frontier Data Dec 2020


Zambia Flag and Map
  • Climate perfect for agriculture & especially Hemp.
  • Availability of water – only 1.5% annual renewable water used.
  • Availability of land –11m hts currently underutilised.
  • Government programmes – Land Banks (100,000 hts) / ZAMHemp.
  • HQ for COMESA – Eastern & Southern Africa Common Market.
  • Ideal 400 ht farm secured – organic since 2014.

The SmartBox™ Processor

The SmartBox
SmartBox™ Logo

  • Self-contained processing unit – cheaper and easier.
  • Off-grid unit – no hemp bale transport costs.
  • Higher quality product due to harvest proximity.
  • Catalyst for local venture initiatives.
  • Harvest by-products benefit local community.
  • Zero waste process – everything recycled.

Why Industrial Hemp?

  • Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth.
  • CO2 sequestration at 66 tonnes per hectare – better than trees.
  • Does not require use of herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.
  • Restores soil health – phytoremediation.
  • Enhanced biodiversity – natural weed suppressant.
  • Multiple environmentally friendly products, with a proven effectiveness over the past 8,000 years of use.
The Many Uses of Hemp

Carbon Credits: The Carbon Market

  • Sets a market price per tonne for sequestered carbon.
  • Designed to speed transition to decarbonised economy.
  • Spot price today $26 / ton. *
  • Demand in this decade will grow enormously due to:
    • Verification and authentication of Projects – SB data.
    • In 2023 the Aviation Industry has to off-set all emissions – Paris Agreement.
    • Tightening of environmental laws – EU ETS (EU Emissions Trading System).
    • Voluntary Sector growth – net zero – brand image – PR.
  • Demand particularly high for nature based projects -> eHH.
  • Price forecast to be $50-$100 by end of decade. **

* IHS Markit Global Carbon Index (USD)

** The World Bank calculates carbon prices need to be between $50 and $100 per ton by 2030 to achieve Paris Agreement goals – Reuters Sept 2019.

to date

  • Farm Lease secured – 10yr + Purchase Option.
  • Farm Operating – 500,000 Moringa Trees planted.
  • Farm operations – IOBIA – Hemp -Education & Teaching.
  • SmartBox™ Hemp Process – Successful Farm Trials.
  • Binghampton University Incubator – Upstate NY.

Investment Details

Investment Tree
  • Current ownership 100% founders – boot strapped to date.
  • SEIS / EIS Advanced Assurance submitted.
  • Advanced Subscription Agreements – 20% discount.
  • Initial investment target £500k.
  • Secondary raise £1m by Aug 2021 – est. pre-money £8.5m.
  • Funding Zambian operation to profitability.
  • Capex to build x5 SmartBoxes.
  • Additional £1m of Capex required in May/June 2022.